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17 Jasmine Tea Benefits for Your Health


A herbal flowering plant, Jasmine, is widely known for its exclusive fragrance and relaxing properties that usually recreated in a lot of forms like perfumes, room fresheners and even edible forms like Jasmine tea.

The plant of Jasmine is supposed to have been introduced first into China from the Eastern South asia back in the days of the Han Dynasty. It is surprising for a fact that up until the 5th century it was used only as a scent tea. It was later in the Qing dynasty that  the tea was started to be exported to the West. The plant essentially grows in area that are highly elevated; like the mountains.

Jasmine tea, of all the teas, has some exemplary benefits; so first off-

What are the types of Jasmine Tea?

The most common forms of Jasmine tea includes jasmine green tea, jasmine white tea, jasmine oolong and the jasmine black tea. Jasmine tea is also usually classified into groups as per the shape of the leaves that are used to make the tea.

The green tea extracted form Jasmine can be of various kinds, the best is the one made from the large number of jasmine tea buds to the jasmine tea leaves. It is so because the one which is extracted from larger leaves than buds are often less sweet and have sort of a bitter taste as compared to the otherwise delicate taste.

Let’s talk benefits!

1Better Heart Health

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For those suffering from or prone to any cardiovascular issues, Jasmine tea is the elixir from the Almighty himself! As per a study, the catechins found in Jasmine tea act as important compounds that play a key role to avoid the inflammation of the “bad” post oxidization thereby avoiding oxidisation stress. It also helps balance the blood pressure levels and maintain a low cholesterol level in the body. The antioxidants in Jasmine Tea also reduce the chances of developing a stroke amongst other heart diseases.



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