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Mangoes: Health benefits, nutrition, recipes


As you think of a mango, you might think of a supple, succulent, bright yellow coloured fruits; the pulp of which is capable enough to get you a foodgasm. However still, beyond what it appears and tastes like, mango also happens to have some health benefits you would’ve never known. This particular fruit is punch packed with vitamins and antioxidants to ensure abundant supplements.

Consumed in various forms like that of jams, chutney, squash, pickles or raw just like that, mango, for decades, has been known to primarily comfort upset stomach. Due to the high fibre content, mango lowers the chances of occurrence of cancers and heart diseases. It is for a reason that it is called the king of fruits, after all!

Where do they come from?

Mangoes were first discovered in Burma -southern Asia- about 4,000 years ago.The fruit that belongs to the same family as that of pistachios and cashews is also often mentioned in Indian Mythological stories. The cultivation of mango spread to other parts of the world like Malaysia, Africa and was eventually introduced to California in 1880. A fruit very cardinal to Indian beliefs and cultures is also used for Indian wedding decorations. Despite the picking speed of Thailand, Brazil and China; India still remains the world’s biggest producer of mangoes.

Let’s talk nutrition
Mangos are power packed; they are

-low in levels of saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium

-a source of dietary fibre

-a source of vitamin B6, A & C

-rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium

-strong antioxidants

A little into the details?

1Gum health

Image result for Gum health

Yin tonic, a Chinese herbal medicine made from mangoes is used pan-China as a legit cure for gum bleeding amongst other situations like that of nausea, fever and seasickness.



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