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7 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer


A guide to reducing your breast cancer risks

In a world of awareness, there are many women who are not familiar with the concept of breast cancer and how their day-to-day activities can affect it. Changes in standard of living can prove to be very helpful. There have been many initiatives taken by WHO to raise general public awareness and strategies to control it. Not sure ways have been found by the doctors however some things if done regularly, can certainly lower the risk of breast cancer.

Healthy Diet = Healthy Life

Diet plays an important part in everyone’s life. A proper diet can lead to a life with a lower risk of diseases if it started at an early stage. The doctor suggests that a healthy diet should be taken throughout life. After menopause, increased body weight gives the road to a higher risk of breast cancer. Grains, fruits, and vegetables may help to reduce it. If concerned, talking to a dietitian or a doctor about food to take and food to avoid, may help you.

Say no to Alcohol

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Excess of anything in life has always proven to be harmful. It is often said that the consumption of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. Women who drink daily are recommended to have less than 1 drink because in some cases even small intake of alcohol has proved to be damaging.

Morning with Exercises

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Physical activity helps in lowering the risk but only if it’s done regularly. Studies have found that women who work out and take part in daily physical activities are most likely to be safe. It is also seen that these exercising women with breast cancer, tolerate and recover through the surgery more efficiently. Healthy adults should at least exercise for 150 minutes each week and strength training twice.

Alert on Hormonal Therapy

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It is important to know what you’re getting yourself into before making any decisions. Consult with your doctor about the risks of hormonal therapy. If benefits of short-term therapy overshadow the risks, then use the lowest dose that will be helpful for you and is also suggested by the doctor. Keep an eye on the length of the time you’re taking the dose.

Exposure to radiation

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Computerized tomography, a medical imaging method requires a high dose of radiation. You can reduce the risk by taking tests only if absolutely necessary. If not, try to avoid them as much as possible. A lot of studies are going, to measure the damage that these radiations have on one’s body.


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The studies have found that the longer you breastfeed; the more protection you have which helps in lowering the risk of breast cancer.


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There are selective estrogen receptors modulators such as tamoxifen and raloxifene are offered to the women with higher risk and above the age of 35.

Still, ladies, there are other possibilities too so have mammograms on a regular basis and if you notice any changes or lumps in your breasts, consult your doctor immediately.


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