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25 Easy Ways to Get Rid Of and Prevent Stains in the Shower


Just like every other part of our home, our shower deserves equal attention. If, however, your shower has got dirty because you did not give it enough attention lately, do not worry, the below-given list of top 25 easy ways to get rid of and prevent stains in the shower will come to your rescue.


If any stain has just occurred and has not stuck to your tiles then you can instantly clean it using tap water. Just pour the tap water onto the stains directly, and watch them dissolve.



Hardened shower stains, particularly those that came from food products can be cleaned if you pour boiling water over the surface of the tile.


You can use water and liquid soap to get rid of hardened dirt stains from your shower. Mix liquid soap and water and with the help of a sponge remove the stain completely.


Get rid of the stains using a damp cloth. If the stains are a result of food products and dirt then a damp cloth alone will be able to solve the problem.


Citrus fruits can be used to clean the shower. Not only will you be able to remove shower stain using a lemon, but any foul smell will also be eliminated.


If you do not have any citrus fruits then you may visit your nearest home improvement store and get a cleaning agent that contains citrus fruits and then clean your shower stain effectively.


A gallon of water with half a cup of vinegar can also easily help eliminate most stains inside your shower.


You can get rid of shower stains using commercial cleaners that have been specifically created for the purpose.


Strained grout is a common shower problem. To get rid of grout stains you can use a pencil eraser which is pink or white in color.


You may notice rust on your shower and one good way to remove it will be to pour some kerosene to soak the tile and let it stay for at least a few hours. The rust should loosen up and you can then get rid of them with warm water.


If you have not been able to get rid of the rust with kerosene, then take a scrubber, dip it in kerosene and scrub the area that has formed rust. In just a few tries it should be gone.


You can also use baking soda to clean your shower.


You can mix baking soda and vinegar and it will react to form bubbles. You can use these bubbles to get rid of tile stains.


If the grout has developed stubborn stains you can use a sandpaper to remove them.


Make sure you use disinfectants while cleaning the shower stains as it will help eliminate the germs.


A commercial grout cleaner that does not have bleach as its main ingredient will prove to be helpful while shower cleaning.


If you have white tiles and white grouts you can use bleach to get rid of the stains.


There should not be any mold growth in your shower as it will make it more difficult to remove stains.


To avoid building up of stains make sure to clean your shower post using it, and properly rinse your tiles to remove dirt.


If the metallic material present inside your shower is forming rust then call a professional and get it replaced.


Your shower should always be closed and the ventilation open, to help it stay dry. Moist shower attracts bacteria and mold that can result in staining.


Create a weekly checklist for your shower cleaning and make sure you follow it precisely to avoid stains from developing.

To Conclude –

These are some very simple ways to prevent stains and also to remove them if they already have occurred. Do follow them carefully, and your shower will look clean and attractive always.


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