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20 amazing benefits of Radish.


Radish is smooth and spicy in flavour, white, red, purple or black in colour, long, cylindrical or round in shape. They are generally consumed raw by including them in salad, however, they can be cooked too. Radish seed oil is used in many products and have many healthy benefits.

What is a radish?

Basically, leaves, flowers, beans and seeds are some parts of radish that are consumed. The horticultural scientific name is Rafanus sativis related to Brassicaceae. Fundamentally radish is also known as Daikon in Asian markets.

Radish health benefits

Radish helps in treatment of some ailments mentioned below

Jaundice Treatment

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Radish is very good for liver and stomach, and acts as a powerful antidote. They purify the blood and eliminate toxins and waste. They are very useful for treating jaundice because they remove bilirubin and keep production stable. Radish reduces red blood cell destruction and increases fresh oxygen supply in blood in jaundice patients. Black radish is favoured for the treatment of jaundice and radish plants are also very valuable.

1Avoiding piles

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Radish has incredible amount of roughage. It is composed of non-digestible carbohydrates. It eases digestion and fixes constipation, one of the main reasons why people develop piles. Like a good drug it detoxifies the digestive system and eliminates the symptoms of piles. They help very quickly to treat the disease.

Do you know why radishes are included in salads? – Because they help in digestion of food.



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