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19 Notable Benefits of Molasses.


Obesity, diabetes, stress, cancer, enlarged prostate, acne, constipation, headaches, anaemia and other skin diseases. Did you know, all these diseases can be prevented by Molasses?

So what is Molasses?

It is a dense and sticky by-product derived from the processing of beet sugar and sugar cane into table sugar. This takes its name from the Latin word for honey. Its thick viscosity and stability have given it the designation its famous as “slow as Molasses” as anything moving slowly

Historically Molasses was produced in the Caribbean, where sugar cane and sugar beet cultivation were the highest. From there it was imported to the United States in the early 20th century, it is widely used in Thailand, India, Taiwan, Brazil, Philippines and the United States. Its use as a sweetener in food, offers health benefits and is used to treat various conditions

Molasses helps improve bones health, hair quality, sexual health and proper functioning of the nervous system. It is also known to strengthen immunity system, maintain healthy haemoglobin levels and improve the formation of new cells in the body.


Various types of Molasses

Sulphide Molasses: Molasses is known as Sulphide black treacle when taken from the young sugarcane tube and treated with sulphur dioxide for storage.

Blackstrap Molasses: produced from raw Sugarcane Sugar and Refined Sugar It is also known as the final molasses in the refinery.

Hydrol: The germ derived by hydrolysis of starch is called Hydrol.

1Non-Sulphide Molasses

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it is necessary to preserve its rich and light flavour. This variety is known as molasses without sulphide.

Cane Molasses: Sugarcane juice is a by-product of sugar cane and is a by-product of sucrose extraction from sugar beets.

The quality of the diet and the quality of the Molasses depends on the process of refining and the maturity of the plant from which it is obtained, and the amount of extracted sugar.



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